The first time I sat at a pottery wheel I genuinely felt like I was at home. 

It felt natural and comfortable. And I knew what I wanted to make. I’ve been making nearly every day since then.

The objects I make feel more like discoveries than designs.  I know their forms and textures before they exist.

I feel very little ownership of them once they exist.

I tend towards straight lines and simple forms that allow me to then experiment with texture, tone, colour, groups and scale.

I gravitate towards white and grey but find unexpected happiness in green and blue.

I want to make things that are used every day.  Things that become part of daily routines and rituals. Things that become part of a Sunday morning breakfast, get bought out when a best friend comes over for a chat or sit every night on a bedside table. 

I want to make things that are allowed to change over time. Not perfect, but that have character and age. 

see what I made!