Day one

I thought I would start the week gently by making a simple chopping / cheese board from some oak offcuts in the workshop. First I ripped these 1.5 inch boards to the same width, then chopped them to the same length. – oak is such a pleasure to work and of course it is sustainably grown.


Day two

Back rummaging around the oak offcuts for day 2’s product, its a good one…a Turner Low Stool


Day three

For the next two days and two products, I have blogger and old uni pal Aaron aka @dayofrest. Aaron is a London based Lifestyle, Menswear & Travel Blogger & Product and Furniture Designer. Whilst at Kingston University on the @product_furniture_kingston, we collaborated on many projects and found we worked well together.

Today we will be making a very old product, using the natural technique of steam bending. One of you lucky guys will win a Shaker Box. – designed and mass made by the Shakers in the 18th Century. They lived a very minimal lifestyle and this is reflected in their designs. They are the godfathers of minimalist design, of which I am seeing a modern resurgence.


Day four

On day 4 Aaron and I made a cement planter – it got messy! Aaron and I have very little experience in concrete so the end result was a surprise for all of us… We decided to make this planter a Dectagon (10-sided), seems a nice number.

Voila an Oreo inspired concrete planter was born. This is a very effective and in expensive product to make and with the collapsible mould, more identical planters can be make.


Day five

And here we are, the final product for me to make, us to share and you to win! I’m solo for this one in my coastal workshop, playing with colour veneers. For those who have followed my work for a year or so will be familiar with the parquetry Zapotec Cabinet I made 2 years ago using a laser cutting CNC machine. Sadly I cant make one of those today… or even 20 todays but I will show you all a super neat coaster using hand cut parquetry, made from my Cabinet offcuts.